Thursday, April 20, 2017

"The Jive is a Great Spot for Comedy!" Tommy Stone Live @ The Jive in Moscow, PA; May 5th

Hey it's Tommy,

   I'm writing this post to make you read this shit; and tell you all about a new spot that is a really fucking rad place for stand-up comedy. I've performed on one of the two comedy shows that were presented by the establishment. I will once again be performing on the show scheduled for May 5th, 2017. Which is a Friday, so that means you can come out and have a few laughs! Anyway, here is what I wanted to say about The Jive Bar & Beer Garden; it has been one of my favorite shows I have done in awhile! Not only was their homemade jerky simply to die for, but the owners and employees were amazing, and very helpful! This isn't a place you can order a bud-light, you are going to go in there and enjoy yourself a real amazing craft brew which the staff is very knowledgeable about their stuff! I enjoyed a nice 9% beer, I can barely remember the name of it. So, I felt my set went pretty good as the wonderful crowd seemed to enjoy every comic that performed that night. After the show, I calmed down a bit, finished my last beer, had a smoke, then went back in to have water. Just to be careful, you never know! Turns out the place was closed! Guess what? They let me in anyway! They gave me some jerky to chew on, and some water to drink. I began sitting with the owner as he drank a beer and we watched TV. Which if I remember correctly, it was Storage Wars on TLC! After my water, I left sobered up, drove home; and had a wonderful night! Nothing but great things, and can't wait to do another show May 5th at 8 o'clock pm on a Friday Night! Hope to see you there! Great place! The Jive is a Great Spot for Comedy! and more.

Tommy Stone will be once again performing at The Jive, May 5th @ 8PM - NO COVER

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