Saturday, August 27, 2016

My 21st Birthday; "I've been training for this for years"

           The goal is to drink 21 beers tonight (at least) which is fairly easy, as I have been training for years. I've been through thick and thin with my training. My strict training regimen has a history of: Drinking an entire bottle of vodka to then find myself passed out in my own vomit, funneling beers when I was an obese high school student like a mother fucking champion, and drinking an entire 24 pack of yuengling lager; then having an epic hang over. Years later I have mastered the science of avoiding hang overs; With the help of a few Canadian semi-alcoholics (Nutz & Foxxxy), the hang over preparations are fairly easy. It's time Mystic MacDaddy Tommy Stone will step into the pubs and see if the years and years of training has finally paid off. #FightDay - I don't turn up like a child. I drink beer like a man.

- Tommy Stone

Tommy Stone focused and ready as his night of becoming a man, has finally arrive.

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