Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why I decided to change the name of my newly started podcast.

Originally.... I liked the first title, it had character:

But soon after doing a few episodes. I realized that I could do whatever I wanted, and really wanted to make this show more than just a podcast. So ladies and gentlemen, Tommy Stone in association with Stone & Nutz Comedy bring you a renamed version of the podcast and revamp of the format; we now proudly present to you:

"The Tommy Stone Show"

Formally known as "The post-open mic comedy podcast with Tommy Stone" the show is expected to become more of a "Man on the Street" sketch comedy, mixed with chain smokers, crazies, and people willing to talk to Tommy on a microphone walking down the street, and just generally have a fun conversation. All audio will be screened and compressed into mini weekly specials titled "The Tommy Stone Show" with each episode attempting to feature a running gag or theme for the night. Episodes will be available FREE through audio or video format via TommyStone.Net

So basically I decided to take the show an entirely different creative route. I'm making a pot luck of comedy, stir it up together and make myself a big beefy beef stew. Full of awesomeness and entertainment!

- Tommy

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