Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who is Scotty "Maple" Nutz?

Some of you may know him as "Maple"... his simple yet unique nick-name, but Tommy Stone knows him as Scotty Nutz. In his early 30's his wife left him for an older man. That event left him with weeks, if not months, of depression, until he met Tommy Stone. Ever since then, the two comedic brains have mashed so well, that they have literally gotten people to stick sex toys up their rectums live on air. These two guys are the crazy to each other's crazy. But who is Scotty "Maple" Nutz? is he a comedian? Is he just a friend of Tommy? Well first, he is Tommy's best friend, and classiest friend. Whether you think he may look tubby, or chubby; fuck you. He is Scotty Nutz, and he doesn't give a fuck. Scotty Nutz is more than just a funny new comedian venturing into the unknown in his early thirties; Scotty Nutz is genuinely a good person! Each month Scotty donates to a foundation that he strongly supports, along with all the Stone & Nutz crew; The Wayne Foundation. He truly pays his dues, and cares about society. Yet also cares for other people.
  Scotty Nutz is a very classy person. You won't ever catch him in anything cheap!

Except this shit, this is clearly a joke.

Scotty Nutz also likes booze.

and weed.

 He also trains as a heavyweight in Bellator MMA.

and he loves beer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.... Scotty Nutz"
-  written by Tommy Stone


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