Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Origin Story of Comedian, Tommy Stone

        I was born from my Mother's vagina. I came out. When I was a kid my parent's told me I was special, not like those special kid's with the helmets; but special as in, I could make people laugh. I didn't have to try at first, people were amused by the basic cuteness of a baby eating a lemon with no problems. Then when Papa Stone purchased me a used dell computer from some guy when I was 11. (I know sounds shady to me also) Anyway, eventually my social life went to shit, I found myself binge eating, and spending hours online talking to people. I found a social life online. My best friends were A LOT older than me (and it sounds weird now, but they never tried to fuck me. They were more like big brothers to me, and still are.) Regardless, these guys watched me grow up and kept inspiring me to post funny videos, liked my funny videos, encouraged me that I wasn't always going to be a fat loser, and that they could see I had a spark that needed to be light. As I left high school, I discovered drugs, which started out as marijuana. At first I hated anyone who did drugs, I was a fat loser. So fuck me; right? But I discovered something, weed helped me with my anxiety and fear of social interactions. From that point, my creativity flowed and I was never the same again. I became fascinated with human consciousness, and the humor of society, that it just meshed so well with my always burning passion to entertain. I am an adult with dreams, some day I hope those dreams come true.

I bet they never will.

- Tommy Stone

June, 2016 Tommy Stone performing stand-up comedy

Tommy Stone age 10                                    Tommy Stone Age 15

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