Sunday, May 22, 2016

Episode #01 with Tommy Stone : The Post-OPEN Mic Comedy Podcast(5/22/2016)

Tommy Stone sits down and talks about his night at the Sherman Showcase Open Mic event for 5/22! My new Pilot of a new Podcast I'm demo'ing EXCLUSIVE to my facebook friends: "The POST-OPEN Mic Comedy Podcast with Tommy Stone" WATCH NOW / LISTEN NOW>>> description: Tommy is Talking about some of the great people down at the venue, joking about getting hit on by gay dudes, and hyping up the amazing venue; including its lovely volunteers! For the first time ever a new 20 year old open mic comic brings you the PILOT EPISODE of "The POST-OPEN Mic Comedy Podcast with Tommy Stone"; a podcast that dives into Tommy's opinions about his newly open mic comedy experience for the nights after his post-open mic performances! Simply to decompress. Including brutally honest, comedic intentions from Tommy Stone himself. Hell, if you attended the same venue, You were probably mentioned! So take a listen! I promise, it isn't a diss track! (duration of podcast 45min)

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